John is a member of the Board of Aldermen’s Ways & Means Committee, Public Safety Committee, Housing, Urban Development & Zoning Committee, Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, Legislative Matters Committee, and Public Utilities Committee.

Ways & Means Committee: considers all matters and bills related to questions of finance, assessments, budget, public debt and appropriations of the city.

Public Safety Committee: Considers all matters pertaining to the Department of Public Safety, the Police Department, Corrections (city jails) Division, Excise division (liquor laws and regulations), the Fire Department, the Building Inspection & Code Division, the City Emergency Management Agency, and issues relating to Public Safety and well-being.

Housing, Urban Development & Zoning Committee: Considers all matters pertaining to housing, urban development and zoning, including the Community Development Agency and Commission, the St. Louis Development Corporation and the appropriation and disbursement of all federal monies administered by said agencies.

Intergovernmental Affairs Committee: Considers all matters in relation to federal, state and local governmental agencies and to evaluate and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of all programs initiated through the Board of Aldermen or other legislative concerns.

Legislation Committee: Considers and reports upon existing and proposed laws and recommends changes when indicated, matters of personnel, civil service, the Law Department, City Courts. The committee examines matters relating to elections, registrations and revisions of ordinances and reports on all bills and measures remaining from the previous session and requiring further consideration. It considers the amount and sufficiency of city bonds and license taxes.

Public Utilities Committee: The committee hears bills pertaining to the maintenance, equipment, operation, service and assessment of rates and charges of public utilities, whether City owned or franchised. (John serves as Chairman for the Committee on Public Utilities)

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